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Greetings Freaks!
Well once more Shiny Mama is in transition, but moving forward in a positive and improved direction. Life is ever evolving - and so is this project. 2005 was full of changes, and hard lessons. Ultimately I had get rid of negative elements which were hindering development and progression. Sometimes you just have to clean house.

Out with the old and in with the new!!! 2006 started off with a bang, and the release of a new CD called "What Comes Around, Goes Around", which is now available for download from CD Baby by clicking here. You can also visit the band page at

Shiny Mama as a full band is taking a much needed break, so I can concentrate on other creatively fulfilling projects. At the end of June '07 I am launching my very own cosmetics line called, what else......Shiny Mama Cosmetics - so please visit and check out my first initial release called "The Snow Queen Collection" at .

Music is very important to me, it is the soundtrack to my life. So even though I have given the full band a rest for the time being, this does not mean I no longer perform. Actually I have had the privilege of being a regular guest singer for a few wonderful performance collectives here in NYC. Adam Dugas is a maestro extraordinaire who puts on fantastic & theatrically elaborate events - and you can check out all the art projects on his site Another amazing performer and producer of wonderfully fun rock concerts I am part of - is none other than 'Miss Firecracker' herself, Cathy Cervenka. Visit her site for updates on many great shows at

Nov 18th, 2007 saw the sold out premiere of Deitch Projects "Lady, Lady, Lady" Show with myself, Lizzy Yoder and Angela DiCarlo at the Zipper Factory Theatre, . The show was quite a success and we booked a Summer 2008 run at Zipper for June11, July 9th, and August 6th. Please visit their site for info

You can see many of the video clips of my performances from these events on this site.

I am also starting work on my solo cabaret review called Torch It: Coffee, Cigarettes, and Blues!!! More info to come...

There has also been talk of Wench reunion at L'Amours at some point as well. I've been in contact with original members Lorraine Herrera, Laura M. and Ally Gamble. Check in for future show dates.

Thanks for visiting and I'll keep you posted on all new developments. I know this year will bring the best creative year ever for Shiny Mama on all levels.

So Rock On and Shine On Crazy Diamonds!!!


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