A hard rock female-fronted band, remember Joan Jett? Lita Ford? Lee Aaron?... SHINY MAMA from New York keeps that spirit alive and that is not such a common thing nowadays. Hear what Yana (Lead Vocals) has to say...

Can you introduce the band? Why this name?
Right now I am restructuring the band and the two permanent members at the moment are myself and Michael DeNarie on bass. Shiny Mama has had quite a revolving door of talent. But you need to change and civ people out to move forward in a positive way. Some people in your life just turn to dead wasteful weight and you have to get rid of them to save yourself.

How would you define your music to someone who never listened to SHINY MAMA?
It is hard rock/arena rock with glammy melodic tendancies.

I saw a flyer on your website that reads "SHINY MAMA plays MOTLEY CRUE ("Too Fast For Love"), do you often do that?
Not often, I really concentrate on original material otherwise you could just play weddings rights haha, but sometimes learning and doing a cover’s show is so fun and keeps your chops well oiled. Again it has to be done right and give the original band justice.

You were in the band WENCH and toured Europe with AGNOSTIC FRONT, how was this tour? Any good or bad memories since AGNOSTIC FRONT' shows used to be quite violent?
No I only have wonderful memories playing in Holland with Agnostic Front-they are my old hardcore scene buddies. Hardcore scene in general was violent at one time.

I think you also played with Wendy O' Williams at the time?
No Wendy O. Williams was earlier in late 80’s. AF shows were early 90’s. My old bands PMS and Wench were privileged to exist in a magical time of musical development and I have had a great chance to play with historic bands like, Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Fear, Mentors, Ramones, UK Subs to name few, so I’ve been privileged.

In Goodie Magazine, you said that seeing the BAD BRAINS in the 80s changed your life, how so?
Well if you can imagine seeing a completely new style of music which just blows your mind and you see evolution and future of music right then and there. It was new, fresh and exciting. And I was right –that sound it influenced a generation of musicians. What you hear on hard rock radio these days has come from the local punk and hardcore scenes across USA back in the day. I remember Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth at our CBGB’s matines and other shows, and subsequently they have “borrowed” to say it nicely, riffs style etc from that underground scene and made it more palatable. And the metal community took it in as their own and embraced it and made it mainstream. There was way more originality back then now it is very corporate, formulaic and it’s sad.

What is Tony &Tina?
It is a cosmetics company and I am a Director of Product Development and Marketing.

Any plans for an official CD release?
Actually yes I am taking two Ep’s and releasing them as one LP with Long Live RnR as new bonus track-that’s a Rainbow cover. The label is Schismatic records and it is a new small indie.

Anything else to add?
Keep Rock n Roll alive. Support indie labels and artists and your local scenes. Fuck conformity, be a rebel and reject corporate dominance of your brain. Punk’s Not Dead. Shiny Mama we just want to Rock you. And visit our site for news, shows and new CD!!!

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