SHINY MAMA - "Shiny Mama" CD 2001 (Private)

Shiny Mama? Wasn't that a song by RAGING SLAB? And drummer Jonny Cragg used to play with that great British band SPACEHOG. This one looks promising.

Some background info first: SHINY MAMA are a New York-based foursome led by Ukranian-born supermodel Yana Chupenko. Not exactly a newbie to the field, she already toured Europe with her former band WENCH (also featuring Kate Schellenbach of LUSCIOUS JACKSON) but decided she wanted to play a more accessible form of rock and formed her current band SHINY MAMA.

While I don't want to belittle the contributions of the band it's obvious from the start that the vocals of Yana Chupenko are the main attraction here. She has an amazing set o' pipes. The music is old fashioned bluesy hard rock with a slight pop edge. Think a ballsier version of early BAD COMPANY or HEART, or even GUNS & ROSES (thanks to some Slash-like leads). Nothing too original, but adequately played. Miss Chupenko would still be an amazing singer even if she looked a P.T. Barnum exhibit so sexists remarks are totally uncalled for, but I won't hold it against any average red-blooded male rocker if he's thinking bad thoughts when he hears her yell "I fuckin' love you! I fuckin' need you!" on the third track "I Love You". They finally prove that their heart's in the right place by ending this 5-track CD with a rowdy rendition of RAINBOW's "Long Live Rock & Roll".

Musically it's probably nothing you haven't heard before, but it's fun. It's that voice that gives it that little extra though. Production-wise I would have liked things just a tiny bit rawer but I think this is one of those bands you just have to see live.

So SHINY MAMA, how about a little trip to Europe?

- The Angry Dutchman

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