Deitch Projects Presents


Sunday November 18th, 2007
9 p.m. Show (doors at 8 p.m.)
$20 admission

The Zipper Factory
336 W. 37th Street
New York, NY

Hearkening back to a time when a show was a show and a broad was a broad, LADY, LADY, LADY: "It's All For You" is a high-octane homage to the female-fronted music-variety television specials of the 1960s. Three unique lady vocalists, Yana Chupenko, Angela DiCarlo and Lizzy Yoder, are the Valkyries at the center of the storm, and will present a combination of original songs and old favorites, with comic transitions, glamorous costume changes and electrifying man dancers. Directed by Adam Dugas, LADY, LADY, LADY is an evening of explosive visual and vocal entertainment that will leave audiences shivering with delight.

YANA CHUPENKO Soviet refugee and punk metal goddess, Ms. Chupenko fronted the first all-girl hardcore band, PMS (Pre-Metal Syndrome), the early thrash-metal band Wench and her most recent hard rock outfit, Shiny Mama, all of which released full-length albums. She also appears in Cathy Cervenka's Madonnathon and Love Bites, Adam Dugas's Chaos & Candy and Vernal Hoodoo and Don Hill's Bitch.

ANGELA DICARLO An Iowa native and proud of it, Ms. DiCarlo is the creator of "The Ang Show" a live talk show complete with commercials and songs written by Ms. DiCarlo that was twice produced at the Fischerspooner Excellent Workshop Salon in Williamsburg. This spring she hosted the Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing. Other performances include all five of Mr. Dugas's Chaos & Candy shows and his Easter pageant Vernal Hoodoo. Ms. DiCarlo spends her free time performing at weddings, funerals and pretty much everywhere in the East Village.

LIZZY YODER Singer, songwriter, DJ and local show business personality, Ms. Yoder has sung and performed in Chaos & Candy, Vernal Hoodoo, Team Lizzy, Fischerspooner, Sweet Thunder, False Ghetto, and is the annual on-air correspondent for the Art Parade. Previously she produced and starred in Lick the Spoon and Losers Weepers, Manhattan's first live studio cable access call-in show.

ADAM DUGAS Adam is the creator and star of Chaos & Candy, a non-traditional Christmas spectacular that will launch its sixth annual production this December. Other recent original shows include Dueling Harps (with Ann Magnuson), Vernal Hoodoo and The Patriots. In 2004, Adam co-founded The Citizens Band and was a featured performer, composer, writer, producer and director for the shows Je T'Aime, Scumbag; No New Thing Under the Sun; and The Trepanning Opera. He also composed the title song for the show Weimar New York and for the independent telenovela Rosa Negra.