Shiny Mama

"This foursome’s brand of rock and roll is no doubt hard as nails, but the thing that sets them apart is their melodic hooks. Their live show is not to be missed, their energy is contagious."

Yana Chupenko - Lead Vocals
Yana was born in the Ukraine and studied opera as a child. She moved to the United States when she was ten years old, and immediately started listening to rock and roll. This love of rock, plus her early training in opera, helped form her powerful vocal style.
Her first project P.M.S.-Pre Metal Syndrome-(one of the first all girl NYCH bands), was formed in the 80’s. The first show PMS ever played was opening up for Bad Brains and Cro-Mags at the legendary venue Rock Hotel.  Their album fared well on the college radio circuit, but Yana had bigger aspirations. She formed the band Wench – which was also one of the first all girl metal/punk bands in NYC area and received great press and support from Metal rags such as Kerrang, Rip, and the underground metal scene in the late 80’s. Wench opened for various seminal bands such as Fear, Wendy O. Williams, Suicidal Tendancies, Candlemass, Circle Jerks, Biohazard to name a few - as well as completing two tours of Europe..  The last incarnation, of Wench included drummer Kate Shellenbach formerly of Luscious Jackson, and The Beastie Boys. The band did well and toured Europe with Agnostic Front. Always keeping her eye on the future, Yana wanted to play a more accessible form of rock and formed her current band Shiny Mama in 1998.
• Yana has released these LP's: -PMS 1987 Buy Our Records 'Pre-Metal Syndrome' -Wench 1991 MetalCore Records 'A Tidy Sized Chunk'
Band Members:
• Yana Chupenko  -  Lead vocals
• Michael DeNarie - Bass guitar. Michael is from Woodstock, NY
• Currently playing with: Mike Meanza- Drums, Eric Prestie - Guitar
• Past members and luminaries: Carlla Olla -Bass (Blondie, 1900boxx, Dee Dee Ramone), Chip English - Drums (Lunachicks, Tomboys), Jonny Cragg- Drums (Spacehog, The Twenty Two’s)

Michael Denarie – Bass Guitar, backing vocals
Michael D is another recent addition to the band. He is from Woodstock, N.Y., and has played with a myriad of musical luminaries from that region. Michael brings to the group expert skills on the bass, and can also be expected to contribute greatly to Shiny Mama’s songwriting process.

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